What will the weather be like for the arrival of the Three Kings in Spain?

What will the weather be like for the arrival of the Three Kings in Spain?

The last big event of the festive season comes just before a new front moves into the country, bringing rain to parts of the mainland



Wednesday, 4 January 2023, 16:27


It's the question that is on everyone's lips... what will the weather be like for the arrival of the Three Kings and the huge processions that accompany them in many villages, towns and cities across Spain. Well, clear skies and cold air, with fog and frost in the centre and north of the Spain, will mark the final stretch of the festive season according to the national Met Office, Aemet.

Until Saturday 7 January, light clouds or clear skies will predominate over Spain although there will be abundant fog banks and a cold atmosphere, at dawn and early in the morning, with frost in large areas of the north and centre of the peninsula.

On Thursday, 5 January, dense fog is forecast for large areas of Castilla y León and in the Tagus, Guadiana and Ebro valleys, which may reduce visibility to 100 metres. In Castilla y León this could include freezing fog.

In the rest of Spain there will be clear skies, except on the northwest coast of Galicia and areas of the Strait, which may experience weak rain.


Afternoon temperatures are expected to be between 8C and 10C in Madrid; around 4C in cities such as Valladolid, León or Burgos due to persistent fog; 10C to 12C on the Cantabrian coast from A Coruña to San Sebastián; around 10C in Zaragoza; on the Mediterranean coast (from Barcelona to Almeria), Malaga and Palma de Mallorca, between 12C and 15C; about 13C to 15C in Seville and other localities of the Guadalquivir Valley; and 8C to 10C in Toledo.

On Friday (6 January), from late morning until late afternoon, the atmosphere will be mild, except in areas which may experience persistent fog such as the northern plateau and the Ebro. Temperatures will not experience major changes, with mild values in areas that are not affected by fog. Temperatures in southern parts of Andalucía will range from 18C to 20C.

Saturday, 7 January, will bring a change in the weather due to the arrival of a front associated with an Atlantic squall that will see rains in the western half of the peninsula and which may reach central Spain in the afternoon. Mediterranean areas are expected to stay dry.

Frosts will continue, especially in the east of Castilla y León, north of Castilla-La Mancha and south of Aragón, with a decrease in daytime temperatures in the eastern interior of the peninsula and a rise in Castilla y León.

When the fog dissipates on Sunday, the remains of the front will leave weak rains in inland parts of eastern Spain; in the area of the Strait these may be more intense, but will not reach the Mediterranean area.

On Sunday 8 January, a new front will arrive from the northwest and will bring precipitation to large areas of the northern half of the country, falling more heavily in Galicia and in mountain areas of the northern half of Spain. Temperatures are set to rise across the country and frosts will disappear.


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