The devices will mainly be used on dangerous stretches of road. / sur

Watch your speed, warns DGT: many police vehicles on Spanish roads will be carrying radar devices this summer

The new campaign aims to cut down on speeding in an attempt to reduce the accident rate, rather than being a punitive one

SUR Madrid

On Monday, 4 July, the national traffic authority in Spain, the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), began a new campaign to cut down on speeding in an attempt to reduce the accident rate, and this means that many of the marked and unmarked Guardia Civil and police cars will be carrying radar speed devices this summer.

They will be positioned in places where it is especially dangerous to exceed the speed limit and also in those where there have been a large number of accidents in the past.

A report from the European Road Safety Observatory in 2021 showed that 30 per cent of deaths in traffic accidents were caused by someone driving too fast.

The DGT’s own figures reflect the fact that last year 588 people died when their vehicle left the road or was in a head-on collision because they or someone else had been travelling at excessive speed.

This is meant to be a preventive measure, to persuade drivers to keep to the speed limit, rather than a punitive one, so there will be signs above or at the side of the roads to warn that there will be a speed check ahead.