Police spring into action duing the drugs raid. CNP

Watch as police smash gang that smuggled cocaine hidden in plant pots through Malaga port


Nine people have been arrested for drug trafficking in Spain after the narcotics arrived on the Costa del Sol in a shipping container from the Dominican Republic

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Monday, 13 March 2023, 12:09

National Police officers have seized 82 kilos of cocaine hidden in plant pots in an operation against a criminal network allegedly dedicated to drug trafficking - namely hashish, marijuana and cocaine - in Spain’s capital Madrid and several nearby towns.

The investigation was carried out in two phases in which a total of nine people were arrested. Five property searches have been carried out, two indoor marijuana plantations have been dismantled and more than 13,000 euros in cash seized.

The force said in a statement, the investigation began in 2022 centred around a group of people who allegedly made up a well-structured criminal network dedicated to drug trafficking in the Spanish capital Madrid and several towns in the area.

Once the leadership of the organisation was identified, it was possible to follow its main members who planned to introduce a significant amount of cocaine into Spain, from the Dominican Republic, hidden in a container, through the Port of Malaga.

The final destination of the shipment would be an industrial estate located in Coslada (Madrid). Through the coordination of various police units, a police operation was established to monitor the cargo and officers found 82 kilos of cocaine hidden in plant pots inside the shipping containers when it was intercepted.

The investigation into the heads of the organisation revealed other criminal activities in which they were allegedly engaged, related to drug trafficking, and revealed a massive acquisition network, storage and subsequent sale of narcotic substances, including illegal marijuana crops.

Finally, the investigators launched a police operation in Madrid and other municipalities in the province made up of more than 40 police officers. In this second phase of the operation, seven members of the alleged criminal network were arrested, five house searches were carried out, two indoor marijuana plantations were dismantled and more than 13,000 euros in cash was seized.



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