One of the aircraft in the fleet of Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling. AFP
Budget airline passengers in Spain can now buy flight tickets with payment method used by 26 million people
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Budget airline passengers in Spain can now buy flight tickets with payment method used by 26 million people

Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling has introduced the Bizum payment system for the purchase of flights both on its website and via its mobile app

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 16:50


Spanish budget airline Vueling has introduced Bizum as a payment option for people when purchasing tickets on both the carrier's website and mobile app.

The company, which belongs to the IAG group, said the system has been active since March and that in order to make the payment with Bizum, the user only needs to have previously activated the service with their bank.

"When accessing the Vueling website, the customer must select Bizum as a payment method, enter their phone number linked to this service and validate the purchase through their banking application following the instructions," the airline pointed out. Vueling is the second most important airline at Malaga Airport in terms of passenger volume.

Vueling spokesperson Carolyn Prowse said: "This is an initiative that enhances the customer shopping experience and represents a further step in our digital transformation by adding a value-added service. Our goal as a digital native company is to offer a better experience for our customers every day and to adapt, of course, to their needs".

With 26 million users, Bizum is a joint project that is part of the digital innovation initiatives of Spanish banks, a payment solution with which banks expand their service offerings to their customers. They added that "the combined sum of the participating entities already represents a market share of more than 99% and Bizum continues to work on incorporating new users, new use cases and new markets".

Vueling, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, said constant innovation is in the airline's DNA and that e-commerce continues to be one of Bizum's fastest-growing areas. "In 2023 alone, Bizumers made more than 30 million online purchases, double the total number of transactions in 2022, and more than half of all those made since the launch of this use case in 2020. The volume associated with these purchases was more than 1.65 billion euros," they said.

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