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How would you describe Spain without saying the word?

Turespaña and Netflix are holding a short-film competition to highlight the diversity of Spanish destinations. They are also jointly publishing a travel guide to the 17 regions of the country, showing the wealth of culture, environmental attractions and leisure facilities through stories

Pilar Martínez

Turespaña and Netflix are joining forces to hold a competition for short films to show the diversity of tourist destinations in Spain and are also publishing a travel guide to the country. The theme for the films is ‘How would you describe Spain without saying the word?’, and the aim is to inspire students to create stories that highlight the diversity of Spanish cities, towns and villages.

The competition is open to pupils in higher education, film schools and at universities that offer a degree in audio-visual studies, film or image and sound. They are encouraged to create audio-visual stories which are inspired by the tangible and intangible values of Spain and focus on the individual attractions of its territories, towns and villages. The short films must highlight sustainable development, and the jury will be looking for authenticity in the stories, to help promote tourism that is year-round and not just seasonal and in areas which are less well-known.

The teams will compete for five prizes of 7,000 euros with which to produce, shoot and edit their short film. The registration period for the competition begins on 1 May and ends on 31st. The competition rules and the winning projects will be made public on the website of the project (

Spain Travel Guide

The Spain Travel Guide will feature the 17 regions of the country together with Melilla and Ceuta, and highlight the wealth of culture, the history, environmental attractions and leisure facilities. Produced in the form of a map, it will enable visitors to find out more about traditions such as artisan crafts, music, agriculture, lifestyle and the ability of Spain to offer unique experiences which are reflected in many of the series and films which Netflix produces in this country.

Spain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, says the collaboration between Turespaña and Netflix on this guide enables the country to attract film-based tourism. “By watching Netflix series and films we discover Spain, its landscapes, its traditions and, above all, its people. It is an exciting country with endless stories to tell, a history dating back thousands of years and yet also modern, happy, diverse and creative. It is a country with a huge amount of talent,” she says.

Meanwhile Bela Bajaria, the vice-president for Global Content at Netflix, places the emphasis on how “fiction and stories connect us in a unique way, regardless of our age, origins or where we come from”. She also says that “enjoying local stories, created in other places in the world, strengthens our affinity with other countries and their cultures and influences us when we travel”.