The only dog that survived the ordeal. Guardia Civil

Three people investigated by Spanish police after two dogs left in parked car die

The Guardia Civil has released a distressing video of the incident after the animals were allegedly left in the rear of the vehicle for several hours while the trio dined in a restaurant

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Tuesday, 2 May 2023, 18:21


The Guardia Civil police force is investigating three French people for alleged animal abuse after they abandoned three dogs for several hours in the boot of a car in the north of Spain.

Two of the dogs died after being locked in the parked car in Urdax, but the third survived thanks to help provided by the public, Guardia Civil, private security guards and veterinary personnel.

The three French nationals, aged 61, 41 and 36, even ate in a restaurant nearby while the chaos ensued, according to police.

Officers received the alert about the three dogs which were in "a very bad condition" in the rear of a vehicle parked in the sun, with all the windows closed.

When officers arrived members of the public were trying to revive the dogs with water. The officers joined in the first aid work on the animals while contacting the Trikuhary Park animal shelter to provide assistance.

The dogs were then transferred to a veterinary clinic in Irún (Gipuzkoa) in a critical condition, but two of them died.

A female dog named Taiga, an Italian mastiff which is just five months old, survived the ordeal. She was released from care eight days after the incident and is now in the Trikuhary shelter for abandoned animals in Urdax and being looked after by the mayor of the town, awaiting the decision of the courts.

The penalties for this type of offence range from six to eighteen months' imprisonment and disqualification for two to four years in handling animals.

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