A participant in the paella cooking contest. Irene Marsilla
The results are in... these are the restaurants where you can find the best paella in Spain and the world

The results are in... these are the restaurants where you can find the best paella in Spain and the world

Forty-five chefs from 16 countries recently took part in a great gastronomic event to find the best Valencian paella, a mainstay of Spanish cuisine

Jaume Lita


Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 15:31


The best paella in the world is cooked at the Restaurant Sequial 20 in Sueca , according to the expert jury of the 62nd edition of the Concurs Internacional de Paella Valenciana de Sueca. Forty-five chefs from 16 countries took part in the great gastronomic event.

The second prize for best Valencian paella in the world went to Paella Guys Restaurant, which can be found in Burnaby (Canada). The third prize went to Restaurante Bon Aire , in El Palmar, a restaurant that had already won first prize in the 2018 edition, thanks to Raúl Magraner. This time the paella was cooked by Borja Marco and Jordi Magraner.

In addition to the three main awards for the best paella of the event, prizes were also awarded for the paellas cooked by local, regional, national and international restaurants. The best Valencian paella among the restaurants in Sueca went to Restaurante Galiana , located in Les Palmeres. The best Valencian paella in the Comunitat Valenciana went to Restaurante Paco Baile in Santa Pola. The best paella in Spain was cooked by the representatives of Los Reyes restaurant in Malaga, while the international award went to Paella loca - personal chef sofia, (Sacile, Italy).

The local participants in the 62nd edition were: Bar Restaurante Galiana, Restaurant Sequial 20 and Restaurante Nou Rodassoques, representing Sueca.

From the Comunitat Valenciana region: Nueva Mandarina and Restaurante Paco Baile (Santa Pola); Taberna Marinera El Barba (Altea); El Reclam - Complejo Rural Foies de Baix (Relleu); El Ceramista (Vila-real); Mas Blayet (València); Llar del Pescador and Restaurante Bon Aire (El Palmar); Terraza La Parra (Godella); Pelayo Gastro Trinquet (València); Arroceria Culla Siete (Alfafar); La Marítima Veles e Vents (València), La Cerveseta (Algemesí) and Nas VLC (València).

The following restaurants from different regions of Spain were present: La Grifería (Puerto de la Cruz); En BlankoTaberna (Pinto); Arrocería y Brasas Titanium (Calasparra); Restaurante La Ula (Puertollano); Los Naranjos (Torrecaballeros); Los Reyes (Málaga); Restaurante Inclan Brutal Bar (Madrid); Hotel Sa Volta (Es Pujols); Restaurante Venecia (Teruel); Gusto Sevilla (Sevilla); Arrozante La Casa del Arroz (Granada), Mercado Lonja del Barranco (Sevilla) and Hotel Villa Cortés (Adeje).

As far as international participation was concerned, La Solórzano (Puerto Rico); Paellas & Paellos (Lima); Sabor Amar Paellas (Quito); Socarrat (Miramar-Buenos Aires); Zeru Restoran (Mexico City); La Terraza *panelská Restaurace (Hradec Králové - Czech Republic); Don Pascualón, paellas a domicilio (Costa Rica); Juan's Paella Catering (Adelaide, Australia); Paella loca _personal chef sofia (Sacile, Italy); La Taberna bar-paellas y tapas (Avenches, Switzerland); Paella In The Pod (London); Arrosseria Chef Amadeo (Principality of Andorra); Tapa Copa (Seoul), Pekopeko (Tokyo) and Paella Guys (in Vancouver, Canada).

Once again this year, the participants were judged by a jury of renowned professionals with a long history in the world of gastronomy, accompanied by Jaime Cuesta López, a notary from Sueca, who recorded the jury's decision and ensured impartiality during the whole process of choosing the winners.

With regard to the recognition as 'Paellero de Honor', this year the organisation wanted to highlight the "absolutely key role that the primary sector, agriculture and livestock farming, plays for the whole of humanity".

"Without them, it would be absolutely impossible to feed us and, consequently, to hold events as important to us as our Concurs". "The recognition is for all of them and, especially, for the people of Sueca who are dedicated to these tasks," said Tony Landete.


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