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Palma terrace where four people died and 16 were injured in Mallorca did not have the relevant licence

The first floor had neither an activity licence nor authorisation to occupy the terrace," according to the local mayor

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Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 13:58


The terrace of the Medusa Beach Club in Mallorca, which collapsed last week causing four deaths and 16 injuries, did not have the required activity licence.

Palma mayor Jaime Martínez confirmed the development at a press conference this Tuesday (28 May) in which he gave an account of several reports issued by municipal departments. "The basement had a music bar licence, the ground floor has a restaurant licence and the first floor had neither an activity licence nor authorisation to occupy the terrace," he added.

As pointed out by the mayor, the cadastral data of the property, built in 1972, only reflected the existence of the ground floor for commercial use. Nor had any application for a building permit been submitted. Palma's fire chief, Eder García, said that on the terrace that collapsed "normally the tables were distributed evenly across the floor", but that on the night there were tables of 12 Dutch diners, whose weight together with the two waiters and the manager "caused the floor to collapse."

Martínez said the council will pass on the reports to the National Police and the public prosecutor's office. It will then be determined whether a criminal case should be opened.

Two young German women, aged 20 and 30, died in the collapse of the Medusa Beach Club; a 23-year-old Spanish woman who worked at the premises and a man of Senegalese nationality, Abdoulaye Diop, 45 and nicknamed 'Lay'.

The latter was well known in Palma de Mallorca since in 2017 he and his friend Oumar M'bengue rescued a man who had gone into the water on Palma beach and was having trouble returning to shore. Diop worked as a doorman at a nearby nightclub and on Thursday he had just left the gym and went to have a coffee at the Medusa Beach Club.

The deceased Spaniard, Mariama Syll, a native of Pamplona and Senegalese parents, was employed as a waitress. One of her colleagues recollected yesterday that "I saw her fall from the terrace. I am in shock".

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