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Death of elderly woman after roommate put a towel over her face in care home in Spain is considered accidental

Death of elderly woman after roommate put a towel over her face in care home in Spain is considered accidental

The deceased, 96, was dependent on care, while her companion has dementia and forgot to remove the cloth she had placed over her lips to cool her down

Belén Hernández


Friday, 31 May 2024, 12:18

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A tragic accident is apparently behind the death of a 96-year-old woman in a nursing home in the town of Chiva, Valencia. As the newspaper LAS PROVINCIAS has been able to confirm from official sources, the deceased was a person dependent on care. Initial investigations suggest that the elderly woman complained that her mouth was dry. Apparently, her roommate, 92, who has dementia, put a towel over her face to cool her down. However, she allegedly forgot to remove it and the victim died.

The autopsy of the deceased confirmed that she had died of mechanical asphyxiation, ruling out death by natural causes. The roommate, who is under investigation, stated that she knew that her partner had died but did not know that it had been as a result of her not having removed the towel from her face. As far as this newspaper has been able to learn, there was no enmity between the two and the suspect does not have a history of aggressive behaviour nor did she suffer any kind of psychotic break. However, the Guardia Civil are investigating the facts as a presumed case of homicide, taking into account the results of the autopsy.

The incident happened on Tuesday and the roommate remained in her room at the residence receiving medical care while she was under arrest, rather than being held in the cells due to her advanced age and state of health. It appears that this is the usual procedure for people of such an advanced age who commit crimes, except in exceptional cases where they are transferred to the cells until they are brought before the judge.

The Guardia Civil investigating the causes of the death highlighted the vulnerability of the victim, both because of her advanced age and the time at which the events took place. The investigation focused on the suspect's state of mental health and whether she was aware of her actions when she suffocated her roommate.

It was those in charge of the nursing home who alerted the officers to the death of the resident in strange circumstances. An employee reported the crime after noticing that a resident was dead when she entered the room to prepare her medication.

Neither the mayoress of Chiva, Amparo Fort, nor the people in charge of the public residence for the elderly have made any statements about the incident.

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