Price isn't the only thing that shoppers take into account. / sur

The supermarkets in Spain that shoppers like best, according to the OCU

The consumers organisation has asked more than 5,600 people about their level of satisfaction with the stores where they shop in person or online


Price is important for supermarket shoppers in Spain, but it isn’t the only thing they take into account when deciding which is their favourite store. They also evaluate their proximity, the interior design, the variety of products and brands, their quality, special offers and discounts and, something which appears to be very important, their opening hours, according to a survey carried out by the Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU).

The report shows that Hipercor and El Corte Inglés are the most highly valued places to shop in Spain in general, and Esclat and Bon Preu in Catalonia. The survey questioned 5,604 people about their shopping habits in stores and online, and their level of satisfaction.

The list was topped by Esclat, which scored 84 points, followed by Bon Preu (83), BonÁrea (79), Hipercor (79), El Corte Inglés, Hiper Usera, Aldi, Supercor and Consum, all of which were given 78 points. Jointly at the lower end of the top ten list were Alcampo, Lidl, Froiz and Gadis, with a score of 76.

Mercadona, with 75 points, the same as Eroski and Ahorramás, didn’t quite make the top ten, and Carrefour was given 73 points.

La Plaza de Día was at the bottom of the list, with 69 points, but not far behind Condis, Spar, Dia Market/Dia Maxi, Carrefour Market and Eroski Center and City, all of which scored 71. However, the consumers organisation points out that this doesn’t mean they are not good places in which to shop

One of the most important aspects for shoppers appears to be opening hours. Although most people do their shopping in the morning, 13 per cent prefer to go between 2pm and 4.30pm, and another 13 per cent in the evening, from 7pm to 8pm.

With regard to online supermarkets, which are becoming a more popular option, Consum came out top of the list, followed by Hipercor and Gadis.