Search teams at the scene of the incident this Wednesday morning. EFE

Storm Efraín claims its first fatality in Spain

The body of an environmental agent has been recovered after his vehicle was swept away by flood waters in Villarino de los Aires on Tuesday night



Wednesday, 14 December 2022, 19:09


The search for a 55-year-old missing environmental agent by police, civil protection volunteers and even his coworkers has been called off after a body was found today, 14 December.

This morning the Juan Pedro’s vehicle was discovered, almost fully submerged under water, and a few metres along the riverbank search teams found a corpse.

It is believed that the environmental agent had tried to cross the riverbed, but the force of the water overwhelmed the vehicle in Villarino de los Aire in the south of the Salamanca province, which had been on yellow alert due to heavy rains from Storm Efraín.

The night was also very difficult in Zamora, with the heavy rains flooding the town of San Marcial. The efforts of the residents and their tractors was not enough and the water ended up entering some houses.

The Eresma River, in Segovia, has reached its peak and, for now, its fury has stopped. Although this afternoon the rains are expected to return to the province of Ávila.




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