Specsavers in Spain offers top tips on how to take an award-winning photo
World Photography Day

Specsavers in Spain offers top tips on how to take an award-winning photo

The British optical retail chain is currently running a photography competition, and the entry that best captures the essence of Spain will be judged the winner



Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 16:19

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Cameras and even mobile phones give us the wonderful ability to capture special moments in time we'll then able to relive later on. And if you know how to use them properly your photos will be even better and the experience of reliving that moment will be even more fulfilling.

As part of World Photography Day on Saturday 19 August, Specsavers Ópticas in Spain are sharing their tips on how to take an award-winning photograph.

Envisage possible shots which really epitomise Spain to you

Think of the sights which really scream Spain, whether that’s flamenco, food or landscapes, and go out to find and capture those moments. Make sure your camera is properly set up and consider using a tripod to ensure the shot is steady, and enable long exposure photography options.

Experiment with the rule of thirds

This is a great trick for well composed shots, where the main subject is in the left or right third of your image and the other two thirds are more open.

Play with perspective

Try the same subject from a few different angles, and see which is the most powerful.

Get the lighting right

Photographs taken in the golden hour - the hour just after the sun rises or before it sets - gives the best possible light. Outside of this time, make sure you are aware of the light conditions and beware of shadows and glare. At night, the flash tends to give you problems such as red eye and washed-out images, so play with the settings, or soften the light from the flash by covering it.

Review your options with a critical eye and keep trying until you get it right

Look at your pictures on a device with a larger screen such as a tablet or computer, rather than your phone, to be able to critically review them. Look at whether there’s anything out of focus, the light, composition and background and discard the images you don’t feel are at their best. Keep trying different places, times of day, moments and concepts until you find the one that you feel really proud of.

Photography competition

Specsavers Ópticas is running a photographic competition, to which participants may want to pay extra attention to these tips, which could help them take the winning photo. Residents of the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Mallorca have until 1 September to submit entries for the summer photography competition. The criteria is an image which perfectly captures the essence of Spain. The winning entry will receive a €100 Amazon voucher and a pair of designer sunglasses worth up to €159.

Photographs can be submitted on social media by tagging @SpecsaversOpticas on Facebook and @specsaversspain on Instagram, sending photos via Messenger or via email to

You must be aged 18 and above to enter the competition. Terms and conditions apply, which can be found at

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