Spain's Guardia Civil warns of two-euro coin scam

Spain's Guardia Civil warns of two-euro coin scam

The police force has warned people to check their change carefully, to avoid losing money

Wednesday, 22 November 2023, 09:58


It's something that happens quite often: we buy something, we pay with cash, and we don't check the change properly if we are in a hurry. But it is always recommended to make sure that we get the money that belongs to us.

As a result, Spain's Guardia Civil police force has taken to social media to warn of a recurring scam where fraudsters across the country are using foreign coins that look and feel similar to the two-euro coin, but are of a much lower value

One of the most widely circulated coins in Spain and which the Guardia Civil has warned about is the Turkish lira, which although they are not very different aesthetically (they are the same weight, size and colours). However, they are very different in value, as they have an exchange rate of 32 cents, which means that if we receive one in our change, we will be losing money.

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