Some batches of Kinder Surprise eggs recalled over possible salmonella scare

UK and Spanish health authorities recommend not consuming any products with expiry dates between July and October 2022 and assure that symptoms disappear after a few days


The Spanish food safety agency followed the lead of counterparts in the UK on Thursday by announcing the removal of some batches of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs from shelves. Some batches of other Kinder products have been affected as well. It follows reports of possible food poisoning linked to salmonella.

The products affected on Thursday were: Kinder Sorpresa Eggbox Christmas edition (120g)- best before 20/04/22; Schokobons, (46g, 200g, 225g, 500g) and Schokobons White (200g) - best before 26/05 to 21/08/22; Sorpresa Maxi, 100g - same dates; Kinder Happy Moments (133 -191g)- same dates.