Social Security minister José Luis Escrivá. / E.P.

Social Security contributions for the self-employed in Spain will be between 245 and 500 euros a month in 2023

Higher earners will pay more and autonomos with the least income will pay less, but the system will be phased in gradually over three years


The new Social Security contribution system for the self-employed in Spain will start to be applied gradually from next year, when the monthly payment for autonoms will range from 245 to 500 euros, and these will then go up in 2024 so that the following year they will reach the amounts the government is on the point of agreeing with associations of self-employed workers. Definitive agreement is expected within the next few days.

The Minister for Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, responded to requests by ATA, the principal association for the self-employed, for the increments to be phased in gradually, but it means that the reductions in contributions will also be applied over the next three years, even though unions and associations such as UPTA and UATAE wanted them to start last January.

Self-employed workers who earn less than 670 euros a month will start paying 245 euros a month in 2023 (almost 50 euros less than at present, as the minimum is 294 euros), and in 2025 the amount will be reduced to 230 euros.

Those who earn less than 1,300 euros a month will also be paying less next year, and for those with income of between 1,300 and 1,700 euros a month, the Social Security payment will remain the same at 294 euros for the next three years.

On the other hand, self-employed workers with income of more than 1,700 euros a month will start paying more from next year. The highest monthly payment will be set at 500 euros in 2023, 530 euros in 2024 and 590 euros in 2025.