A white covering on the famous Roman aqueduct in Segovia. EP
Snowfall surprises Spain after Easter highs

Snowfall surprises Spain after Easter highs

Up to 20 centimetres fell in central parts of the country this week forcing some motorways to close for a time



Friday, 22 April 2022, 10:35


The warm Easter temperatures across Spain gave way quickly earlier this week to a cold snap that brought late snow to some areas of the country.

Temperatures had been between five and 12 degrees above normal in mainland Spain last weekend. Malaga was the hottest place, reaching 31.1o Celsius at the airport, an April record for the city.

However a cold front moved rapidly in from Tuesday with plunging temperatures and bringing snow at altitudes from 700 to 900 metres, including much of the central part of the country and mountain tops elsewhere.

Particularly hard hit was the area bordering the Madrid region and the Castilla y León region, where some 20 centimetres fell and sections of motorways closed for a while.

The weather was predicted to remain unsettled today, Friday, and Saturday, before settling down again apart from the northwest section of the country.

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