Guardia Civil warn that singing and recording videos in the car can end in tragedy

The Spanish police force has launched a social media campaign to warn of the dangers of not paying attention to driving


The Guardia Civil has launched a social media campaign warning of the dangers of singing and recording videos in a moving vehicle. Drivers who do not pay attention risk crashing their cars, serious injury and even death.

The video campaign features a car full of young women singing, making coordinated moves and recording their efforts on a mobile phone on the dashboard. The video closes with the driver losing control of the car and crashing as the screen fades to black.

According to the Guardia Civil not even “one million” social media likes is worth the risk.

Using a mobile phone, in any form, in a car increases the risk of having an accident by four. The risk is comparable to driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition, the higher the speed, the greater the risk that a distraction will cause an accident.

In March, new traffic regulations against distractions at the wheel will be tougher.

The penalty for having a mobile phone in your hand will increase from three to six points, even if the driver is not actually using the phone.