Spain's PM Sánchez convenes the National Security Council as Russia invades Ukraine

The Spanish government suspends the Conference of Presidents scheduled for Friday and the Prime Minister will travel to Brussels for an emergency meeting


Thursday, 24 February 2022, 11:12


Spain's Conference of Presidents that was to be held on Friday on the island of La Palma has been suspended. The meeting cannot be held without the attendance of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez who will, because of the situation in Ukraine, attend first a meeting of the National Security Council chaired by the King this afternoon, 24 February, at the Palacio de la Zarzuela and this evening travel to Brussels to attend an urgent meeting of the European Council.

Spain has strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine calling it “a totally unjustified aggression of unprecedented seriousness and a flagrant violation of international law that risks global security and stability.”

“We demand an immediate cease to hostilities before the number of victims rises, and for the return of troops to the internationally recognised Russian Federation territory. In these most difficult hours, we also want to reiterate our support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people,” the statement added.

Yesterday, the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain asked the government for more bilateral commitments and practical aid, including personal protection equipment, in order to respond more effectively to the Russian attack. "Statements,” the Ukrainian embassy warned, “do not protect against bullets."

Sánchez tweeted this morning, “The Government of Spain condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine and expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian Government and its people. I remain in close contact with our partners and allies in the European Union and NATO to coordinate our response.”

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