Wet weather and cooler temperatures to end the month. sur
April's farewell gift in Spain is more 'muddy' rain and lower temperatures than normal

April's farewell gift in Spain is more 'muddy' rain and lower temperatures than normal

The State weather agency, Aemet, says a trough from the Atlantic will bring more unstable weather this week, and rain will spread to most areas from Tuesday onwards

Almudena Nogués


Monday, 25 April 2022, 17:55


The month of April will say farewell in Spain with rain and occasional storms, according to the State weather agency, Aemet. The wettest day will be Wednesday, and on Thursday the rain will mainly affect the east of the country.

Aemet spokesman Rubén del Campo says that a lot of the rain will be muddy, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, due to airborne sand from north Africa. The temperatures are expected to drop from mid-week, so it will seem cooler than normal until Friday, especially in the east.

Specifically, what can Andalucía expect this week? “From Tuesday to Thursday there will springtime storms in some areas, and these are most likely in Almería, Granada, Jaén, Cordoba and Malaga. These will be due to cold air at a high altitude, which will last until the early hours of Friday. Inland regions of Granada and Almeria could see hail and heavy showers, and there will probably be rainbows,” says José Luis Escudero in his blog ‘Tormentas y rayos’.

Malga province forecast

aga province, the highest probability of storms until Thursday will be in Antequera and Ronda, although showers on the coast cannot be ruled out. Aemet now predicts a 90% likelihood of rain on Wednesday and Thursday in Malaga city. On Friday, it will drop to 55% and to 20% on Saturday.

According to Aemet, the heaviest rain on Wednesday will be in central Spain and also eastern Cantabria and Eastern Andalucía. “It is possible that the calima will persist in the east of the country and the Balearics, so the rain could be muddy,” says Del Campo.

Heavy showers

On Thursday, Aemet expects showers in many areas, which could be heavy in eastern Andalucía. For the weekend, it is predicting rain to continue in the north-east of the country and the far north, but is not ruling out some rain in the rest of Spain. However, it is likely that the weather will become more stable, especially in the west, with a notable rise in temperatures, which will be more like normal for this time of year.

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