Queen Letizia at the opening of the event. / PHOTO & VIDEO: EUROPA PRESS

Letizia returns to royal duties eight days after testing positive for coronavirus

The Queen of Spain attended the inauguration of a conference on disability coverage in the media


Spain’s Queen Letizia has resumed her official agenda by attending the inauguration of the fifth conference on the coverage of disability in the media, at the Vallehermoso Stadium in Madrid, eight days after she tested positive for coronavirus.

Wearing a light blue linen suit and a white blouse, she was seen wearing a face mask again to avoid any type of risk of contagion. When asked about her health, she replied: "Well, here I am...", referring to her return to her royal duties as the best indication of her recovery. "I'm fine, thank you," she added. She was animated, greeting those present and performing her role without any problems.

This has been the first time that the monarch has been taken in the 18 years she has been part of the Royal Household. A time in which she has only withdrawn from her obligations at specific moments at the end of her pregnancies, that made it advisable for her not to travel. She has also undergone a cosmetic operation that changed the profile of her face, but she waited for her annual vacation to have the procedure.

According to the statement from the Casa del Rey on 5 July, Letizia tested positive for coronavirus the day after the Princess of Girona Awards ceremony held at the Ágora de les Aigües Agbar Auditorium in Cornellà de Llobregat, in Barcelona.

The same statement explained that she was suffering from "mild symptoms" and suspending her official agenda until her recovery. During her convalescence she was not been able to attend the ABC Awards, which she missed for the first time in years. Without more official information, King Felipe VI who attended the event had a few words about his wife: “The Queen and I are always happy to return to this house and accompany you. But tonight, unfortunately - as you know - she can't be here with us and she's very sorry. She asks me to send you a greeting.” The king explained that Letizia had the same symptoms as if she were having "flu" and that her throat was especially affected.

Like many Spaniards, the King and Queen and their daughters are clearing their last work commitments before starting their private holidays, which will take them to Mallorca at the end of the month.