Prices may vary between the mainland, islands, Ceuta and Melilla. / sur

Official retail prices of some brands of cigarettes in Spain have gone up

The government has taken recommendations from manufacturers and importers into account when setting the new prices, which apply to cigarettes, cigars and tobacco

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The prices of some brands of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco have now gone up in Spain, and the new prices are based on recommendations from manufacturers and importers. They vary between the mainland, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

The change was published in the Official State Gazette on Wednesday but actually applied from 9 April so some products are already being sold at the new price. These are the new official retail prices in Spain:

Packs of cigarettes

Corset Lile Superslims: 4.30 euros

Corset Marine Superslims: 4.30 euros

Corset Pink Superslims: 4.30 euros

Corset White Superslims: 4.30 euros.

Gold Coast Red 100s (20): 4 euros.

Gold Coast Red 22s (22). 4.35 euros

Lucky Strike Twist (20): 4.5 euros


Calypso: Reig Platinum Filter (4): 0.30 euros.

Don Tomás: Clasico Robusto (25): 3.65 euros.

Macanudo: Inspirado White Toro (20): 5.70 euros.

Reposado: Connecticut Toro (10): 1.50 euros.

Silverado: Silverado Purple Ice Click (Pack of 17): 2.50 euros.

Swisher: Amber Cigars (pack of 2): 0.70 euros.

Amethyst Cigars (pack of 2): 0.70 euros.

Classic Cigars (pack of 2): 0.70 euros.

Diamonds Cigars (pack of 2): 0.70 euros.

Pipe tobacco

Borkum Riff Copper (50 g): 6.15 euros.

Erinmore Mixture Lata (50 g): 8.15 euros.

Half & Half (50 g): 5.95 euros.

Holster Iz Finger (200 g): 14.80 euros.

Holster Iz Finger (50 g): 3.95 euros.

Holster Mr. C (200 g): 14.80 euros.

Holster Mr. C (50 g): 3.95 euros.

Holster Unicorn (200 g): 14.80 euros.

Holster Unicorn (50 g): 3.95 euros.

Peterson Old Dublin (50 g): 9.75 euros.

Stanwell Sungold (50 g): 6.45 euros.

Taboo Darkum (200 g): 12.90 euros.

Taboo Game Over (200 g): 12,90 euros.

In Spain, tobacco is taxed at an average rate of 80.4%, well below countries such as Finland (89.8%), Denmark (88.5%) and Estonia (87.2%). The countries which apply the lowest tax rates are Luxembourg (69.3%), Germany (69.4%) and Sweden (73.3%).