The price of the 12.5 kilo bottles has been fixed for the remainder of the year. / sur

The price of a bottle of butane gas in Spain is likely to rise next year

The 12.5 kilo bottles are the most-used for cooking and heating and the Spanish government has fixed the price at 19.55 euros, but only until the end of December


The inflation crisis caused by increasing energy and fuel prices following the Russian invasion of Ukraine will not affect the price of butane gas bottle in Spain, for the time being at least. This type of gas bottle is the most used in Spanish households for cooking and hot water and the price of the 12.5 kilo bottles is normally set every two months.

A year ago one of these bottles of butane cost 16.13 euros, although during one period it was 13 euros. At present it costs 19.55 euros and Repsol, Cepsa and Galp will have to maintain this price because the government decided that it should not be allowed to rise again before the end of the year.

So what happens after that? The current price restriction will no longer be in force and since from September 2021 the price was rising by 5% every two months, from 1 January 2023 a 12.5 kilo bottle of butane could cost 20.95 euros, nearly one euro more.