A 'bombona' of butane gas costs more from today. / E.P.

The price of a bottle of butane gas has reached a new record high in Spain today

The increase is attributed to a recent sharp rise in the costs of the raw material and transport, combined with the depreciation of the euro against the dollar


The maximum price of a bottle of butane gasin Spain has gone up by 4.94% today, Tuesday 17 May, so a 12.5 kilo bottle is now likely to cost 19.55 euros. This is a record high, and is due to a sharp rise in the cost of the raw material, which has gone up by 6.13%, and transport, by 9.83%, combined with the 3.61% depreciation of the euro against the dollar.

The price rise has, however, been mitigated by the limit of a 5% variation in the price before taxes, as otherwise it would have gone up by 8.19%.

A new price for liquified petroleum gas (LPG) also comes into force today but unlike butane, it will result in lower bills for the consumer, with an average reduction of 7.99%. Around 360,000 people in Spain use LPG.