Pensioners in Spain receive extra June payment of more than 1,000 euros

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The Spanish Social Security system paid out a record 23.7 billion euros this month, 11% more than a year ago

Lucía Palacios


Friday, 30 June 2023, 07:39

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More than nine million people who take a Spanish pension have already received the extra payment for the month of June, the most generous in history. The amount this year has shot up by 10% as a result of the historical revaluation this year in line with inflation and stands on average at 1,167 euros, according to data published on Tuesday by the Ministry of Social Security.

Social Security has paid the extra amount to more than ten million pensioners. In total, 11.694 billion euros have been earmarked for the bonus, 11% more than in 2022, which, added to the payment of the ordinary salary, represents a record outlay of 23.692 billion euros in one month.

Almost three quarters of the contributory pension payroll in June went to retirement pensions. Widow's and widower's pensions received two billion euros, while permanent disability benefits amounted to one billion euros, orphan's benefits to 163.4 million euros and benefits for family members to 31.6 million euros.

Of the 10 million contributory pensions paid, 6.35 million are for retirement, 2.35 million euros for widowhood, some 946,559 for permanent disability, 341,443 for orphans and 45,037 for family members. The number of pensions is growing at a year-on-year rate of 1%.

The average pension in the system is now 1,194 euros per month, while the average retirement pension in the system is 1,374 euros. By schemes, the average retirement pension from the general scheme is 1,532 euros per month, while the lowest is in the self-employed scheme, at 915 euros per month. In the coal mining sector, the average monthly pension is 2,680 euros, and 1,523 euros in the sea sector. The average amount of new pension registrations in the system amounted to 1,352 euros per month in May 2023 (latest data). The average widow's pension, on the other hand, is 851 euros per month.

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