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Father of ten-hour brain tumour operation boy gives update after Oliver leaves intensive care

Father of ten-hour brain tumour operation boy gives update after Oliver leaves intensive care

The child from Malaga is already on a general hospital ward recovering after a ten-hour operation in Barcelona in which surgeons managed to remove more than 90% of the aggressive tumour



Saturday, 5 November 2022


The family of Oliver, the two-and-a-half-year-old boy from Malaga who underwent surgery in Barcelona on Wednesday for a brain tumour, are pleased with the progress of the little boy who has already left the intensive care unit and is already on a general ward recovering from the 10-hour operation carried out at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

"Everything is going very well, better than we expected," said his father, Alejandro Romero, speaking excitedly on Friday. "He's fine and awake. He can move everything and talks a little. He sees us and he recognises us”, added the parent.

"It is expected that by the end of next week we will have the results of the molecular study of the tumour that will allow oncologists to design the treatment to follow," said the father.

The hospital where the little one is admitted reported on Wednesday afternoon that the second operation the child has undergone in Spain ended positively: they managed to remove more than 90% of the brain tumour in a ten-hour procedure which involved a team of 15 professionals

Flown from Mexico

The little boy was transferred to Spain last week on an air ambulance plane from Mexico, where he had lived with his family for a little over a year, thanks to the donation of an anonymous businessman who paid the almost 200,000 euros cost. He had already successfully passed the first operation in Barcelona to treat hydrocephalus - an accumulation of fluid inside the cavities of the brain - which was key to the tumour removal operation.

Stopped walking and eating

The hell of little Oliver and his family began in Mexico, where they lived, on 13 October when the boy from Malaga stopped walking and eating and his parents took him to the doctor. The next day he was admitted to a hospital in Cancun due to the worsening condition of the child and two days later they detected a brain tumour. On the 19th, a drainage procedure was performed to remove some of the fluid that was putting pressure on the brain and the parents began a race to bring Oliver to Spain since doctors in Mexico could not give the family guarantees of being able to remove the tumour within the tight deadlines.


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