A failure to comply can amount to a 200 or 500 euro fine. F. P.
Number of fines for driving a vehicle without a current ITV roadworthiness pass in Spain more than double

Number of fines for driving a vehicle without a current ITV roadworthiness pass in Spain more than double

The penalties are handed out if drivers are found to have not had the recommended Inspección Técnica de Vehículos check for their vehicles, or have continued to drive it despite the detection of defects

A. Noguerol


Monday, 22 May 2023, 16:15


The number of fines for motorists in Spain driving a vehicle without a current Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (ITV) roadworthiness document have more than doubled since 2015, new data shows.

Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) figures show that in 2022 the organisation imposed 618,375 fines for drivers whose vehicles had not had the technical inspection up-to-date, compared to 396,666 in 2015.

The ITV sector is worried about the increase, which has been warning for months about the risk to road safety posed by a rise in drivers failing to get their vehicles inspected.

"These figures have a direct impact on road safety in our country. We must remember that, beyond the financial penalty, driving a vehicle with an expired roadworthiness test puts not only its occupants at risk, but also other road users," said Spanish association of entities collaborating with the administration in the technical inspection of vehicles (AECA-ITV) managing director Guillermo Magaz.

How much is the fine?

In 2022, the most fines were distributed in Madrid, Valencia and Cadiz provinces. Not having the vehicle's technical inspection up-to-date can lead to a financial penalty of 200 or 500 euros, depending on the case.

Expired ITV

Both driving the vehicle or having it parked in a garage or on the street without an up-to-date ITV check carries a financial penalty of 200 euros and an immediate obligation to get the vehicle inspected.

Unfavourable ITV

Continuing to drive the vehicle on the roads even though defects were detected that would only allow it to the be driven to a workshop would result in a fine of 200 euros. The owner of the vehicle is obliged to return the vehicle to the testing site within a maximum period of 2 months to verify the repairs.

Failed ITV

Continuing to drive a vehicle that has been detected to have very serious defect carries a penalty of 500 euros. In these cases, the vehicle is not authorised to leave the ITV station by its own means, but will have to be transported by a breakdown truck to a place of repair and return to the ITV station, within a maximum period of 2 months, to verify the correction of defects.

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