The arrested man's police file. Europol
Most wanted rapist and former Spanish kickboxing champion arrested

Most wanted rapist and former Spanish kickboxing champion arrested

The fugitive, on the run for more than three years, has been detained by police after his social media posts revealed his whereabouts

Melchor Sáiz-Pardo


Sunday, 26 November 2023, 20:12


In December last year, Aomar Abdellah Belghazi, 36, became Spain's most wanted rapist after Europol included him on its list of fugitives. In June 2018 Belghazi was crowned the Spanish champion of lowkick, a type of kickboxing, as a representative of the Canary Islands.

Now, three years after fleeing from justice in Spain, National Police officers, together with an Enfast team in Germany, have arrested the fugitive in the German town of Rothenburg.

Belghazi went on the run after being sentenced in 2020 to nine years in prison for a rape he committed in April 2015 in Gran Canaria. According to the sentence, the athlete went to spend the afternoon with a young woman at the island's racecourse, but before entering the facilities he parked his car. There, after proposing a threesome to the victim, he forcibly stripped her naked and violently raped her in the back of the car. The woman suffered numerous injuries to her body, as well as post-traumatic stress from the rape.

It was Belghazi’s own social media posts that revealed his location, according to sources involved in the investigation. Following his arrest, police are investigating his alleged connection to two more sexual assaults for which he has not yet been charged.

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