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Mercadona lowers the price of 500 products until the end of the year

Mercadona lowers the price of 500 products until the end of the year

The Spanish supermarket giant claims that the average customer will be able to save "up to 150 euros per year in their shopping basket"

Rossel Aparicio


Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 12:37


In the midst of escalating prices, Spain’s Mercadona supermarket chain has decided to give its customers' pockets a break. The Valencian company has announced the price reduction of 500 products that will allow savings of around 150 euros per year in the average shopping basket.

This price adjustment will start this month and will continue until the end of the year, according to the supermarket giant on its website.

Mercadona said that this price drop will be carried out "without affecting the quality of the products and guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire food chain (suppliers, production sector, company and workers)". The company also claims that the initiative will mean savings for customers of 200 million euros between now and the end of the year, and that "it will have an impact on the company's margin of -0.6 points, which will added to the reduction made by the company of -1.1 points since 2020 to minimise the significant increase in cost prices at origin and the industry.

Mercadona products that will fall in price

What are the main products that customers will notice to be cheaper? The 500 selected products are distributed across different areas of the store. These are items such as canned food (eg tuna), dairy products (some cheeses and yoghurts), nuts, oils, household cleaning and maintenance products, pet food, cakes and pastries, wine, and perfumes, among others.

Image of some labels announcing the drop in prices.
Image of some labels announcing the drop in prices. Mercadona

Many of these items will have a yellow identifying label that specifies the price drop. In the case of fresh products, advantage will be taken of the seasonal market to lower the prices. Among the items illustrated by the supermarket chain, there is a reduction of between 5 or 10 cents in the original price, although the savings will depend on each individual product.

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