The prepaid cards can be used in any Mercadona supermarket. / sur

Mercadona is donating 1.5 million euros to help Ukrainian refugees in Spain and Portugal

The supermarket chain wants to help around 5,000 people through prepaid gift cards which they can use in its stores


The Mercadona supermarket chain is going to donate 1.5 million euros to help Ukrainian refugees all over Spain and in Portugal. The aid will be provided between June and December through prepaid gift cards with a value of 50 euros each, to help people who have escaped from the war in Ukraine cover their basic needs. The credit can be used in any of their shops, and they expect it will help around 5,000 people.

The company says the cards will be provided to the refugees via organisations in Spain and Portugal which are authorised under the official assistance plans for displaced people

Mercadona will also be donating basic food items to the refugee aid centres in different parts of Spain, following advice from the centres about which items are most needed.