The devices have five microphones and a 360º camera. / P.F.

Medusa monitors, dreaded by some motorists, are now being tested in Spain

The devices have five microphones and a 360º camera, and drivers could face fines of up to 600 euros for breaking the law if the system is adopted

S.M. Madrid

Drivers who revel in the roar of their motorbikes or cars will shortly have a new enemy to face: Medusa devices which identify vehicles whose exhaust pipes exceed the permitted noise level. They are equipped with five microphones and can scan for sounds ten times a second.

France has already installed these devices, which also have a 360º camera to photograph offenders, in 14 towns and will roll out the system nationwide early next year if they prove effective.

And in Spain? According to Faconauto some councils are already studying the French data with a view to installing Medusa monitors in their municipalities. In fact, one of these devices is already being tested on the C-31 in Barcelona. It should also be noted that from 2024 onwards in every EU country, vehicles will only be declared roadworthy if they pass a noise test.

Public health measure

The French Ministry of the Interior has said that just one motorcycle with a modified exhaust can wake up 10,000 people if it exceeds permitted noise levels at night, so this is a measure which aims to improve public health.

“Especially at night, the stress caused by the noise level can result in problems such as deafness, cardiovascular illnesses, anxiety disorders, diabetes and obesity,” said Dan Lert, the deputy mayor of Paris, who is responsible for ecological transition in the French capital.