Spanish mediaeval castle is up for sale for just half a million euros

But there is a catch


A historic mediaeval castle with planning permission is for sale in Spain for just half a million euros in Cogolludo, Guadalajara, but there is a catch - it is a complete ruin.

On the upside the price includes 37,567 square metres of adjoining land. The owners of the castle make it clear that the castle is a wreck and that it does not have rooms, bathrooms or heating. The property, they say, is "exempt” from needing an energy certificate and that it has a north, south, east and west orientation.

The castle was part of the walled fortification of Cogolludo, a municipality that today has 550 inhabitants. In the past it had strategic importance. According to some historians the castle was built by Arabs in the ninth century and by the 12th century it belonged to the Order of Calatrava. In 1377, it passed into the hands of the wealthy and influential Mendoza family and in the 15th century the House of Medinaceli incorporated it into its holdings.

In the 19th century during the War of Independence, French troops, including the father of the French novelist Víctor Hugo, General Joseph Léopold Sigisbert Hugo, blew it up.

Two centuries later, the castle is for sale on the internet. The mayor of Cogolludo, Juan Alfonso Fraguas, said he hopes someone will buy and restore it. If the owners are willing to lower the price, the council may even be interested in acquiring it, he added.