Lifesize cut-out of a Guardia Civil vehicle makes drivers slow down, but police are now investigating it

It was put on the hard shoulder at the exit from Albacete by a road signage company that wanted to protect its workers from passing traffic


There are road works at the exit from Albacete, and a Guardia Civil patrol car is parked on the hard shoulder. The immediate reaction of any driver is to reduce their speed when they see one of these vehicles, but in this case when they get closer they discover that it is actually made of PVC and is not a real vehicle at all: it was put there by a road signage company to protect its workers. It cost 700 euros and even the lights work.

However, the company failed to tell the authorities what it planned to do, and when the Guardia Civil saw a video on social media they began to investigate, because nobody is allowed to use an image without authorisation and it is definitely not permissible to place it on a public highway.

Some other countries, such as Turkey, do use 'fake' police cars to deter less prudent drivers. It appears to work well, too. In the ten minutes the cut-out was in place in Albacete, all the approaching cars slowed down.