Spain's latest heatwave has led to 360 deaths across the country

Spain's latest heatwave has led to 360 deaths across the country

Friday saw the highest peak in the grim tally with 123 deaths in one day due to high temperatures


Monday, 18 July 2022, 11:26

The heat wave that has been sweeping Spain since last week has led to 360 deaths, according to figures from the Carlos III Health Institute, which reports to the Ministry of Health. Friday saw the highest peak with 123 deaths in a single day due to the high temperatures.

Throughout the week, thermometers in much of the country exceeded 40 degrees. Temperatures above 44 degrees were recorded in Extremadura on Friday. The Spanish region is the most seriously affected by the wildfires which have burned thousands of hectares across the mainland.

Limit exposure and drink plenty

Recommendations from the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection group to cope with the high temperatures are to limit exposure to the sun, stay in well-ventilated places, eat light, regular meals rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruit and vegetables, and drink water or liquids frequently.

It is also advisable to dress in light-coloured clothing, covering the head and as much skin as possible; to avoid prolonged physical exercise in the middle of the day; and to take care of the elderly and sick, and those living alone or in isolation.

The expected drop in temperatures today Monday, 18 July, will only be a temporary respite, according to weather forecasts.



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