Olive oil quality control during its production. File image. EFE
Health alert issued about some virgin olive oil being sold that is 'outside official control'

Health alert issued about some virgin olive oil being sold that is 'outside official control'

Food safety authorities in Spain have listed the brands which have 'significant labelling and traceability deficiencies' and advise that the products should not be consumed

Raquel Merino


Tuesday, 14 March 2023, 20:30


An alert has been issued by the General Directorate of Public Health of the Extremadura Health Service (SES) which has intercepted a large quantity of 'virgin olive oil' from several companies in Andalucía. The SES has notified "important deficiencies in the labelling and traceability of the product”.

Spain's food safety and nutrition agency (Aesan) issued a food alert at the request of the Andalusian health authorities, specifying that "companies without a health registration number and, therefore, outside official control", are bottling oil and distributing it in the Extremadura. region.

Large quantities of olive oil have been seized, pending analytical results, from the brands Acebuche, Virgen del Guadiana, Cortijo del Oro, La Campiña de Andalucía, Galiaceite 2022, La Abadía, Villa de Jerez, Don Jaén Oil 2019 and Andalusian Empire.

The authorities have advised that if you have purchased oil from the above brand to refrain from consuming it.

It was only in April of last year, that Aesan uncovered an alleged scam involving the sale of olive oil. Certain brands were selling vegetable oil or a blend of vegetable seed oils as olive oil. The oil in question was considered unsafe as it "came from clandestine operators, without reliable traceability of its origin and composition”. On that occasion, it was the health authorities of the Murcia region who alerted the public to the issue.

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