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Green lines trialled on roads in Spain, but what do they mean?
Road safety

Green lines trialled on roads in Spain, but what do they mean?

The distinctive markings, painted inside the hard shoulder white lines, are being evaluated by the DGT after their implementation in several European countries

Jorge Herrero


Sunday, 10 March 2024, 10:47


On the roads in Spain there are already a large number of markings and signs that can help us to drive more safely. One of the new safety measures that has started to appear is green lines located parallel to, and inside, the hard shoulder white lines that demarcate the edge of the road. However, the appearance of these coloured lines has caused some drivers to ponder their purpose.

Spain's Directorate-General for Traffic roads authority, the DGT, has explained that this green line has been put in place to provide early identification of the road layout ahead, helping drivers to avoid dangerous situations and improve their understanding of their surroundings. This innovation, which is currently being tested on the CL-613 from Palencia to Guardo, is already being used in interurban areas in several other European countries.

Significance of the green line

The green line acts as a useful visual tool, especially on secondary roads, where its location parallel to the hard shoulder lines makes it more visible from a greater distance than conventional white lines due to its distinctive colour.

Although the lines are currently being tested in Palencia and León, their permanent installation may be rolled out, depending on the evaluation of the testing period. The DGT said that this measure not only aims to reduce the number of traffic accidents, but also to promote a more responsible driving culture committed to road safety.

Although road safety has improved greatly in recent years in Spain, there is still a long way to go. Initiatives such as the green line play an important part in improving road safety in the country, which should translate into fewer accidents, fewer injuries and fewer deaths on Spanish roads.

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