Fuel prices have never been so high. / sur

Filling a car's fuel tank costs up to 47 euros more than it did a year ago

Spain is the eighth most expensive EU country in terms of petrol prices and tenth on the list for the cost of diesel


There are expected to be about 4.5 million car journeys on Spanish roads this summer, but the cost of filling the fuel tank will be between 41 and 47 euros more than it was a year ago, according to figures from the EU’s Oil Bulletin.

Filling a 55-litre tank this week costs 115.50 euros on average, which is 47 euros more than a year ago and is an increase of 68.5%. However, for vehicles that use 95-octane petrol the increase is 54%, because filling up costs about 117 euros compared with 76 euros at this time last year.

Spain is now in eighth place on the list of average petrol prices in the European Union, at 2.128 euros per litre, an unprecedented level in this country.

Of the 27 EU members, the prices in Spain are only exceeded by those in Finland (2.523 euros per litre), Denmark (2.435), Greece (2.4), Netherlands (2.336), Sweden (2.181), Ireland (2.169) and Estonia (2.147). A year ago the average petrol price in Spain, at 1.383 euros a litre, was 14th on the list.

With regard to diesel, Spain is in tenth place on the list with an average price of 2.1 euros a litre, behind Sweden (2.496 euros), Finland (2.489), Denmark (2.269), Netherlands (2.185), Belgium (2.178), Ireland (2.149), France (2.13), Greece (2.126) and Latvia (2.107). A year ago, the average price of diesel put Spain in 16th place.