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Food supplement withdrawn from sale for containing the active ingredient in Viagra

The pills, called Powers-X, were being sold as a natural product but the Medications Agency says this is misleading and they could be dangerous for some individuals to take


The Spanish Medications and Health Products Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Health, has withdrawn a food supplement from the market because it contains the active ingredient in Viagra. The product, which is called 'Powers-X', was found to contain sildenafil, which means it should be classified as a medication and is in breach of the regulations.

The tablets were being marketed as a natural product, which the agency says was “hiding from the consumer its real composition and giving misleading information about its safety”.

According to the label, the so-called food supplement could have been produced by the VITAMAC SAS company in Bogotá (Colombia) and sold through Analyses of the product found that it “contains the active substance sildenafil in sufficient quantity to restore, correct or modify a physiological function through pharmacological action, which gives it the legal status of a medicine. Nevertheless, this substance is not listed on the label, which is misleading,” according to the medications agency.

In a statement, the agency also warned that the presence of sildenafil poses a risk to people who are especially susceptible to suffering adverse reactions to PDE-5 inhibitors and that such individuals could turn to products of this type, which appear to be natural, as an alternative to prescription medicines.