Ex-King with Larsen. / SUR (FILE)

Ex-king to try to use funeral and visit from secret services for immunity claim

Juan Carlos I's new legal team argues that he still hold sovereign immunity


The new legal team of former monarch Juan Carlos I could use his attendance as official guest at the recent funeral of Britain's Queen Elizabeth to argue that the emeritus king still could enjoys "sovereign immunity".

King Juan Carlos is being sued in London by his former lover Corinna Larsen for alleged harassment.

Originally Larsen's case centred on events from April 2012 to June 2014 when it is claimed that hired burglars tried to remove compromising documents from her office in Monaco and the head of Spanish secret services - the CNI - visited London to try to get her to return 65 million euros the king had given her " as a gift".

In March, an English High Court judge suggested these were sovereign acts and so Juan Carlos could be immune from prosecution in the UK, which led Larsens's lawyers to change their case to say all had been a personal arrangement and nothing to do with the Spanish state.

Lawyers for the former king could also argue at trial that if it was a personal matter, how could the CNI security services have been involved?