The van wedged up against the local police car LP
Enraged Amazon delivery driver rams police car in Valencia and tries to take officer's gun

Enraged Amazon delivery driver rams police car in Valencia and tries to take officer's gun

The driver was furious about an earlier fine he had copped

Javier Martínez


Friday, 21 April 2023, 12:29


A drunk driver furious after being fined by police deliberately rammed his Amazon delivery van into their patrol vehicle and threatened to kill officers in Valencia.

The driver insulted and spat at them before trying to take a gun from one officer who eventually arrested the 26-year-old man. The incident occurred at around 4.30pm on Tuesday 18 April next to the Benicalap local police station.

After he had driven the van through a pedestrian area and smashed into the patrol car the man started drinking beer from a litre bottle while still sitting in the driver’s seat.

When the driver saw officers spilling out of the station he got out of the van with a glass bottle in each hand, according to witnesses, and yelled insults at them.

The officers tried to calm him down, but the man lunged at one of them and tried to grab his gun.

After a struggle, several police officers managed to restrain the young man and arrested him. He was taken to the nearest health centre, where he continued to be aggressive and resistant, and even damaged a patrol car by kicking it during the transfer.

When he calmed down after a medic gave him a tranquilliser, the Amazon driver explained he was angry because a local policeman had fined him for driving while using his mobile phone a few hours earlier.

He later damaged another patrol car during a transfer to the police station.

He then threatened to kill two policemen: "You two have your days numbered, you're going to die. As soon as I get out of here I'm going to come and find you and I'm going to kill you."

He was transferred to La Fe Hospital.

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