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Electricity demand dropped 3.7% in the first week of energy-saving measures

Spain has managed to reduce the amount of energy it needs thanks to new measures that were put in place


One week on from the enforcing of energy-use restrictions in shops and businesses, Spain has managed to reduce its electricity demand, according to the government. Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, said demand fell by 3.7% in the week from 8 to 14 August - with the measures already in place - compared to the previous week.

A decrease which, according to Ribera, is in line with government forecasts. It hopes to fulfill its commitment to Brussels to reduce gas demand by 7% in order to reduce energy dependence on Russia. Ribera stressed that the government expects the measures in the savings plan to contribute just over half of this final figure.

The head of the Madrid regional government, Isabel Díaz-Ayuso, has once again lashed out at the national government of Pedro Sánchez for the decree on energy-saving measures.

She branded as "authoritarian" and "senseless" the decision to "impose it without consensus". "Madrid is not switching off, Sánchez is switching it off," she said.