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Breaking news Ryanair and easyJet strikes in Spain: These are the flights that have been cancelled or delayed this 1 July

The USO union has detailed the flights affected by the Spanish cabin crew strikes, flying to or from airports in the country


The Union Sindical Obrera (USO) has detailed the cancelled and delayed flights due to the easyJet and Ryanair cabin crew strikes throughout Spain, this Friday, 1 July. The cancellations, they explain, are due to the "lack of notifications of minimum services by the companies, which have not summoned complete crews."

On the fifth day of the Ryanair Spanish cabin crew strike, one cancellation and 113 delays in company flights had been recorded by 1pm. Meanwhile, on the first day of the EasyJet crew strike in Spain there were 8 cancelled flights and 21 with delays in El Prat, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga airports.

The USO union has complained that Ryanair has once again brought in crews from other bases to operate from Spain. According to reports, some of them are Portuguese, but others are non-EU, from the United Kingdom. The union is collecting data from all flights to file the corresponding complaints with the Labour Inspectorate in each city where Ryanair has Spanish bases.

EasyJet airline has also cancelled flights this Friday due to the cabin crew strike, although the USO claims that the company "has exceeded" the number of flights considered minimum services, "violating the right to strike." The unions said that "almost all of the workforce has received their letter to operate protected flights" and that easyJet "has followed the Ryanair model", which consists of "not respecting the minimum decree and violating the right to strike of the crew".