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Drivers can pay traffic fines in Spain via new feature on the DGT’s app

Drivers can pay traffic fines in Spain via new feature on the DGT’s app

The MiDGT mobile app can also confirm the validity of driving licences


Friday, 4 February 2022, 18:12


Two years after Spain's Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) launched its MiDGT app with few functions, new features are being steadily added to it. Originally, the app catered for administrative tasks such as holding the vehicle's electronic technical file, contact information and address that appears in the records of the DGT and receiving notices and alerts of interest.

Now the miDGT app will allow drivers to pay fines and download the receipt.

To simplify the process, miDGT is compatible with more authentication options and it is not limited to those who have a digital certificate or the Cl@ve access. With this update, the hassle of having to go to a Correos post office to collect the penalty and then go to the bank to settle it is eliminated.

Other new features include the option of requesting an appointment at the DGT offices to carry out any procedure and even consult the results of the exams carried out up to 15 days after they are added.

The miDGT app can also be used to verify documents through a Secure Verification Code (CSV), which is in the electronic documents issued by the DGT and guarantees its authenticity, for example it is possible to confirm the validity of a driving licence is valid. With this system, drivers can scan the code and once downloaded on the mobile can always carry it with them.




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