The rescued dog. / G. C.

Three investigated in Spain after dog dies from heat stroke in a locked car while owners ate in restaurant

One Yorkshire terrier dog was rescued from the parked vehicle by Guardia Civil officers but another died


Spain's Guardia Civil police force is investigating three people for an alleged crime of animal abuse for leaving two dogs locked in a vehicle while they ate in a restaurant in Parres, in the Asturias region. One of the animals ended up dying due to heat stroke.

The incident happened on 4 September, when the Guardia Civil received a call about two suffocating dogs locked inside the vehicle parked in the town. The call was made by two police officers from Ávila who were on holiday. The pair noticed the distressed animals in the vehicle which was parked next to theirs.

After making efforts to locate their owners, the Guardia Civil found them eating in a nearby restaurant. The officers said it took them more than 15 minutes to come out to assist them.

A vet was called to the scene but it was too late to save the life of one of the Yorkshire terriers.

The Guardia Civil has once again stressed that the temperature inside vehicles can rise to dangerous levels on hot days. It is estimated that with an outside temperature of 30C, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise to 49C within half an hour.