Spanish government announces direct aid of 1,000 euros to all self-employed workers to buy computers

Spanish government announces direct aid of 1,000 euros to all self-employed workers to buy computers

The grant is part of the EU-funded Digital Kit programme through the Next Generation EU funds

Susana Zamora

Friday, 31 May 2024, 15:52

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The idea is to provide "security, mobility and collaboration tools" for the self-employed to boost their productivity. With this objective in mind, the Ministry for Digital Transformation has increased the amount of aid that the self-employed and micro-enterprises can receive under the 'Digital Kit' programme, financed with European funds, by 1,000 euros up to 3,000 euros.

This modification of the regulatory framework for the granting of these aids aimed at the digitalisation of self-employed individuals, SMEs and micro-enterprises (up to three employees), published in the BOE (Spain's official state gazette) on 11 May , also updates the catalogue of digitisation solutions for self-employed workers. The 'Secure Workstation' solution has been created, which includes a hardware device (such as a computer) that must meet a series of security requirements. "This category aims to promote task automation, efficient data management and seamless communication. The aim is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of this segment in a secure environment," the ministry states.

The maximum eligible amount for this solution is 1,000 euros, including new laptops or desktops, which must also meet minimum requirements in terms of storage, processor, RAM memory or operating system, among others.


To apply for this aid, interested parties must go to the outlets indicated as Digitalisation Agents. There they will be able to see the availability of products with the technical characteristics that both the laptop and the desktop computer must have. Among the specifications indicated by the ministry, desktop computers must have a 23-inch screen with Full HD resolution, while the laptop must have three USB ports, a graphics card that supports two monitors and a processor with "a minimum of 4 physical cores and a maximum clock speed (in turbo mode or equivalent) of at least 2.9 GHz".

"This increase in aid will be retroactive, i.e., those beneficiary companies in segment III (self-employed and micro-enterprises) that have already requested it previously and even if they have already used up their digital bonus will still be able to apply for it, thus guaranteeing the principles of equal treatment, non-discrimination and transparency," the ministry points out.

The application for the aid with the new amount can be submitted once the application form opens in June. If the self-employed individual or micro-enterprise has already been a beneficiary and wants to apply for the additional 1,000 euros, they must access their file, select the button provided for this purpose, and sign the agreement. In this case, the grant is 'automatic'.

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