The number of people seeking medical treatment has increased in the past fortnight. / sur

Doctors warn that Spain is entering the eighth wave of coronavirus

The Society of General Practitioners and Family Doctors is calling for people to wear masks inside buildings again, and says new variants of the virus are resulting in worse symptoms


The Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Doctors is warning that Spain is entering into an eighth wave of Covid-19 after passing through a 'ghost' seventh which was barely recorded.

“Although we don’t have data regarding most positive tests, because we only know the incidence in the over-60s, the cases we are seeing in medical centres, new cases in young people and the cases which could be added through self-testing, we are now in an eighth wave,” spokesperson Lorenzo Armenteros said.

He warned that it is difficult to ask people to be responsible for their own safety because “they are very tired of it all, they have pandemic fatigue and they want to enjoy the summer, and to mix with lots of people, but this is going to lead to a high number of infections”.

He stressed in particular that the characteristics of Covid variants are very different: the BA-5 is very infectious and the symptoms are worse. “More people are seeking medical treatment and more are being admitted to hospital. The variants are not the same and they can’t be treated in the same way,” he said.

Armenteros also said the Society wants people to carry on wearing masks inside buildings, on public transport and when they are in crowds, to reduce the spread of the virus. “Consider other people, if you have any symptoms at all, wear a mask,” he said.