The cost of a butane gas cylinder in Spain breaks previous records

In just one year, the price of the ubiquitous bottles has increased by 33.5 per cent


Following eight consecutive increases in the last year, the cost of a butane cylinder is now 17.75 euros after the government signed into law another 4.91 per cent increase on Monday 17 January.

The new price is the most expensive Spain has ever seen and a cylinder now costs 83 cents more than it did last week.

In November 2021, when a cylinder cost 16.92 euros, the government insisted a price increase was justified because the cost of gas had increased on top of rising freight costs and the depreciation of the euro against the dollar.

But in just one year, the price of the cylinder most used in Spain – a cylinder that weights 12.5 kilograms when full - has increased by 33.5 per cent from 13.3 euros to 17.75 euros.

Consumer affairs organisations warn that recent improvements to social security benefits for vulnerable people will not be enough to offset the increase.