Spanish celebrities Verónica Echegui and Álex García under investigation for buying fake Covid certificates

Four more people have been arrested and more than 2,000 people are being investigated as part of Operation Jenner


Thursday, 17 February 2022, 13:02

Spain's National Police force has arrested four more people who acted as intermediaries in a network that sold false Covid passports. In the second phase of Operation Jenner, 600 people are being investigated for illegally obtaining the certificate, in addition to the 1,600 detected in the first part of the investigations for having fraudulently registered in the National Vaccination Registry with the help of health personnel.

Among the people who reportedly availed of the illegal service is actress Verónica Echegui, who on Saturday received a Goya for the best documentary in Valencia, at an event in which it was necessary to present a Covid certificate, and the actor Álex García. Police are also investigating a range of criminals, businessmen, athletes, singers and actors.

According to police, health personnel involved in the plot accessed the vaccine registry system, entered the names of the people who requested these services and later sold the false documents for up to 1,000 euros.

The police also suspect that access codes to the national registry had been stolen "with which they also registered unvaccinated people so that they could see the complete vaccination schedule and obtain the documentation they needed."



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