Representatives of the police and security forces pay homage. EP
Catalonia remembers deadly terrorist attacks five years on

Catalonia remembers deadly terrorist attacks five years on

In 2017, 16 people died on the Ramblas in Barcelona and in the resort of Cambrils, but the anniversary was marred by nationalist claims of a conspiracy


Friday, 19 August 2022, 12:39


Five years after the Islamist terrorist attacks in Catalonia in which 16 people died, the tears were flowing again on Wednesday this week on Barcelona's Ramblas as victims' families, those affected, officials and the public marked the anniversary.

It was an emotional ceremony which was marred by the whistles and cries of radical Catalan independence supporters who were demanding "truth and responsibility" over what they say was a conspiracy around the attack.

The nationalist Junts per Catalunya party had issued a statement before the event suggesting that the Spanish state had never wanted to investigate alleged links between the Islamic priest involved in the attack and the security services.

Representatives of victims said the event should not have been politicised in this way.


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