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Does car colour affect the likelihood of a road accident? A new study explains how

Does car colour affect the likelihood of a road accident? A new study explains how

An analysis was based on the accident history of thousands of vehicles in the past three years and it yielded surprising results

Jorge Herrero

Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 17:55


Road safety is a constant concern for drivers who seek to minimise the risks both to themselves and to other road users. However, according to a recent study by UK company CarVertical, it appears the colour of the vehicle could play a significant role in the likelihood of being involved in an accident. The analysis, based on UK vehicle accident history over the past three years, yields surprising results.

Which colour is most likely to be involved in an accident?

According to the data, the colour yellow is the main victim in terms of vehicles involved in accidents, with an alarming 22.7% chance of being involved in an accident. This colour considerably outperforms the second-placed red, which registered 18.8%. Interestingly, black, one of the most common vehicle colours, is in the middle of the rankings with an 18.4% likelihood of being involved in an accident.

On the other hand, the study identifies the colours which appear to be associated with a lower incidence of accidents. It found the safest colour is brown with only a 13.9% likelihood of vehicles being involved in accidents. It is followed by the colours blue ( 15.6% ) and grey( 15.8% ).

Road safety expert Matas Buzelis offered an explanation for these findings. According to Buzelis, drivers who opt for yellow or red vehicles often seek to stand out from the crowd, which could indicate riskier driving behaviour. These colours are also often associated with sporty vehicles, which may tempt drivers to drive at higher speeds and thus increase the risk of accidents.

Meanwhile, white and grey vehicles seem to have fewer accidents, possibly because they are "easier to spot at night".

While the relationship between vehicle colour and road safety may seem anecdotal, the findings suggest there may be a significant connection between the two. Drivers can take note of this information when choosing the colour of their next vehicle, considering not only their aesthetic preferences, but also their safety on the road.

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