A ‘bous al carrer’ event / L.P.

A 72-year-old man dies after being gored by a bull in Castellón

According to first reports the victim was not actively participating in the ‘bous al carrer’ bull-running event in the town of Almassora

M.G. Almassora

A 72-year-old man from Vila-real has become the ninth victim of a ‘bous al carrer’ bull-running event in what is already the most tragic year for deaths in Valencia region of Spain.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in the town of Almassora, a municipality in Castellón province (one of the three that make up the Valencia Comunitat), in which bullfighting events are currently being held.

The victim, according to the first reports, was walking near the bull run barriers in the street, heading in the direction of his house, and with no apparent intention of participating in the event when the bull charged him and gored him in the groin, before he fell hit his head on the ground.

The injured man was initially treated by health personnel in facilities at the bullfighting arena, before being transferred to the general hospital in Castellón in a serious condition. He died shortly afterwards in the hopsital's intensive care unit.

The town hall in Almassora suspended all the acts of the Roser festivities scheduled for Wednesday following the death. The remaining bull events are scheduled to continue from today (Thursday) until Sunday, 9 October.

The mayor, Merche Galí, has conveyed condolences to the victim's family and called a minute of silence at 12 noon.